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Marked Patrol Vehicle Program

Marked Patrol Vehicle Program
Marked Patrol Vehicle Program
The security patrol car program is one of the best and most effective visual criminal deterrents available on the market and tailored to our client's specific needs. When potential criminals detect marked security patrol cars protecting a specific property or commercial location they will avoid that area at all costs. All of ABCO's patrol cars are police package (P71) Crown Victorias. They are professional in appearance, clearly marked and equipped with the latest equipment and technology. All vehicles have overhead light bars consisting of modern LED lights, take down alley spotlights and rear hazard flashers. As mentioned, our patrol cars are clearly and professionally marked as a patrol security vehicle in reflective Scotchlite tape. With the security markings and the light bar, the patrol car clearly creates a high security presence on the property it patrols. All security patrol cars are equipped with scanners assisting the security officer on patrol to stay informed by monitoring law enforcement of happenings which may affect you or your property. All vehicle patrol officers are specifically trained in automobile security patrol techniques, which greatly enhance their ability to locate and respond to incidents within the building or property.

The security patrol car has two types' of patrol options, STATIONARY and ROVING. The security patrol will continuously patrol all areas of your property, maintaining a high visibility patrol to prevent possible criminal activity. While patrolling at night the security officer can patrol with rotating lights on or flasher mode activated to ensure that the security presence is noticed to all.

Our roving marked car security program offers the illusion and appearance of a high security presence at substantially less cost. The roving patrol technique is excellent for properties that have budget restraints but still want to create the appearance of a security presence at staggered and varied times. The roving patrol is ideally used as a nighttime security presence at staggered intervals tailored to fit your budget.

ABCO maintains an excellent and close working relationship with all police and law enforcement jurisdictions and it will always remain our policy to work together. We are an asset to police and law enforcement in assisting them with matters that would other wise go undetected or ignored. It comes no better than this; our patrol security program is a valuable and proven crime deterrent tailored for shopping center locations, movie cinemas, retail stores and outlets, car lot security, night convenience stores, all residential, construction sites or anywhere you think you may need us.

With personnel cutbacks and budgetary constraints in many police departments, with a need for increased security, many neighborhood home owners and watch programs are looking to private security. Home owners are also discovering that traditional guards that protect businesses are necessary to protect their home and by combining forces with their neighbors, they are able to afford this protection.

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